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19 November 2020 - 20 November 2020
Vienna, Austria
International Mobility Days 2020


NOTE: Due to COVID-19 all sessions will be held virtually!

Austria´s impressive projects, products, and innovation 

Exhibitors will benefit from higher visibility and promotion on this platform.

Guests can visit up to 40 exhibitors in the fields of mobility, traffic, mobile services and technology. Innovative Austrian companies and re­search institutes will present products, services, projects, patents, etc.

ALP.Lab GmbH

Inffeldgasse 25F/5, 8010 Graz, Austria  

Mr. Peter Hopfer
T +43 664 155 3815
E sales@alp-lab.at
W www.alp-lab.at/

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We enable testing of automated driving on proving grounds and public roads.

The Austrian test region for automated driving was founded in 2017. ALP.Lab is the one-stop shop for testing of automated driving functions and whole vehicles. It covers comprehensive testing opportunities on private and public test tracks. The in-house data management and data broker systems link the individual phases of our test chain covering ADAS/AD active safety test equipment, mobile HiL platforms and traffic monitoring systems.

ALP.Lab is supported by the Austrian funding agency FFG and the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.

Looking for ..
  • Offer service and know-how

The Austrian test region ALP.Lab offers a unique and holistic infrastructure for developing and testing automated and connected vehicles and functions.

A growing need for testing activities in both the virtual and real world is necessary to unfold the exciting possibilities of automated driving. We provide an integrated test chain covering several core products & services which are connected throughout a data-management and data-broker system. Together with our strong alliance of industrial and scientific partners core competencies are bundled at ALP.Lab for safe and secure testing of your automated mobility solutions and vehicles.

ALP.Lab provides a holistic solution to integrate and operate stationary and mobile sensor systems on primary, secondary, and urban road networks. Based on our developed traffic monitoring environment ALP.Lab is providing his customers dynamic traffic warnings, traffic counting, ground truth data generation and object trajectory analysis.

Digital twins of the physical environment and digitized information establish a basis for simulation and validation.

Therefore ALP.Lab offers UHD-maps of public primary roads, toll stations as well as closed proving grounds focusing the Austrian road-characteristics. Also mapping of test tracks and public roads can performed internationally.

In addition, ALP.Lab cloud services and software-tools are available for data processing and analytics.

ALP.Lab provides a professional testing team with tons of experience in the ADAS/AD Testing Segment. We provide professionally trained Test Engineers for test preparation and execution, equipment preparation and calibration, programming of trajectories for test vehicles and self-driving testing platforms, logging the vehicle’s behavior with modern logging solutions and evaluation and validation of the results.

Further information

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Bahnhofstraße 19, 6060 Hall in Tirol, Austria  

Mr. Jost Mazur
T +49 151 1255 1522
E jost.mazur@bernard-gruppe.com 
W www.bernard-gruppe.com/en/

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As an international company we strive to provide best quality engineering services using our local experts on each of our subsidiaries. We design, consult and realise national and international projects. In order to keep our excellent reputation and maintain the high quality of our products and services we aim to find the optimal solutions for the challenges of our customers. By doing so we continue to be professional, innovative and fair to our customers and partners.

We are an independent and specialized engineering services company, founded in 1983. With our motivated and qualified employees, we solve interdisciplinary engineering tasks in the fields of energy, industry, infrastructure and mobility for the benefit of our clients. This includes comprehensive technical and economic consulting, complete design and project implementation. In addition, our specialist companies offer solutions that go beyond classic engineering services.

Looking for ..
  • end-consumer

The BERNARD Gruppe is able to deliver complex Consultancy Services for projects from the first idea to the implementation from one source. The services begin with the collection of basic data (including traffic data, noise, air, vibration) using measurement systems developed in-house. Subsequently, concepts for the intelligent control and guidance of traffic or for traffic route planning in the field of road and rail are developed from the data obtained.

The consulting services include the preparation of traffic reports, the development of complex multi modal traffic concepts, parking & rest areas as well as the planning of mobility hubs. Regulated or unregulated junctions and coordinated control of traffic light systems are part of the service spectrum as well as intelligent traffic management systems. In the field of traffic route construction, design services are provided for inner-city roads, cycle paths, state and federal roads as well as freeways. In the case of rail-bound traffic systems, we plan new traffic systems and people movers in addition to tramways, subways and high-speed trains.

We are internationally recognized as a leading consultant for urban traffic engineering.

In addition to the description above we develop our own Mobility analyser, which combines artificial intelligence with an optical camera. With this system we are able to detect several objects (different type of vehicles, persons, bikes, ..) and have already developed different use CASES, SUCH as: Traffic counting and analysis, passenger and pedestrian flows, parking monitoring, detection of terroristic activities.

We are looking for clients, who are interested in our services and partner, who would like to enter together with us tenders. for the sensor system we are interested to find a distribution partner, or partner, who would integrate our system in their application.

Further information

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BeVideo GmbH

Porzellangasse 4-6, 1090 Vienna, Austria  

Mrs. Doris Kunschitz
T -
W http://www.bevideo.at/

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Boom Software AG

Hasendorfer Straße 96, 8424 Leibnitz, Austria  

Mrs. Bettina Lamprecht
T +43 660 574 1410

E b.lamprecht@boomsoftware.com
W rail.boomsoftware.com

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BOOM Software is the leading provider of software solutions for the rail industry. For more than 20 years, the company has been developing software solutions for the railway industry. Through these years of experience in the railway industry it has built up unique knowledge. Furthermore, Boom Software is the first software developer, which ensures total customizing of its software solutions. Consequently, customers get the maximum benefits. Together, these factors make Boom the right partner, to realize your individual projects concerning all matters of a rolling stock.

Looking for ..
  • licensee

Boom Software develops solutions for the railway industry for more than 20 years. From workshop management and asset management to parts of fleet management and individual customer solutions in cargo transport.

Boom Rail Solutions are state-of-the-art, user-oriented and customer-specific software solutions, which were especially developed for the international railway industry. Since the software portfolio is modular, all modules can be combined with each other, resulting in a holistic solution that covers all aspects of the rail vehicle and ensures seamless multidimensional consistency across all modules.

We talk rail and so do our software solutions.

Products, Services
  • Rail Workshop is a digital workshop management system and contributes significantly to the long-term increase in productivity of your company. Through smooth and partially automated processes, you will boost the efficiency within your workshops.
  • Rail Asset is more than a traditional asset management. Rail Asset puts your rail vehicles in the focus of your attention. You benefit from a complete life cycle file that goes far beyond the maintenance history. This provides you with all relevant information you need to plan the maintenance of your vehicles. This results in increased availability of your assets.
  • Rail Fleet supports you in the demand-oriented planning and provision of your rail vehicles. The results are optimized deployment planning and the best possible utilization of availability of your rail vehicles.

Boom Rail Solutions offer you:

  • Full transparency and control over the process chain
  • Improved deployment and capacity planning
  • Continuous flow of information across all modules
  • Holistic solutions for your fleet
  • Reduction of operational risk through standards and ECM compliance

Among our references, we can count a variety of leading companies in the railway industry: ÖBB, DB, National Express, CFL, Rail Cargo Group, Swietelsky, Innofreight, etc.

Further information

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CISC Semiconductor

Lakeside B07, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria  

Mr. Markus Pistauer
T +43 664 100 9595
E m.pistauer@cisc.at
W http://www.CISC.at | www.coyero.com

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CISC is adding trust in a connected world by providing hardware and software solutions that enhance quality, security, privacy, performance, interoperability, and conformance in communication systems for markets like Automotive, Identification, Semiconductor, IoT and Wireless Communication. CISC is a leading standardization consultant and an active member of the AIM Germany and North America, emi3, ETSI, IEC, ISO, NFC Forum, RAIN Alliance and a member of the ARTEMIS Industry Association. CISC is headquartered in Klagenfurt, Austria, with subsidiaries in Graz and Mountain View (CA), USA.

Looking for ..
  • end-consumer
B2B Partner

Service operators who are interested in new business models by enhancing their customer experience.

Business Fields

Smart mobility including e-charging, rental car, car as well as bike sharing, smart city including citizen and tourism programs.

Products, Services

Our platform COYERO (www.coyero.com) is a mobile platform to connect existing commercial services and local infrastructures digitally with each other to build new personalized mobile services for customers. COYERO's digital wallet applications integrate security, mobility and powerful revenue generating options into Smart City applications and services provided by merchants.

  • Cooperation with company EnerCharge (www.enercharge.at) and installations in Hannover, Paris
  • ARGE Tourism Klagenfurt
  • The STEVE Project (e-mobility in 4 European cities)
  • VIP access – Airport Venice
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Commend International GmbH

Saalachstraße 51, 5020 Salzburg, Austria  

Mrs. Christine Bernroider
T +43 664 8022 5261
E c.bernroider@commend.com
W www.commend.com

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We consult our customers in creating the right security and communication solution.

We provide communication solutions to bridge distances between people, create face2face experience in professional environments and add audio sensing by analytics and artificial intelligence.

We believe in communication solutions, which provide security throughout the world, optimize value creation through efficiency for operators and help them to protect people in everyday life. As a reliable partner and consultant, we make the challenges of customers to our own.

Commend is a global provider of communication systems and solutions for emergency and threat response that enable an efficient, quick-responding management of public buildings, industrial facilities and public traffic infrastructures. Whether it’s providing customer service in a noisy car park, managing an emergency situation in an industrial facility or responding to school violence, Commend systems provide reliable assistance in terms of efficient, clear communication and responding to challenging situations. In everyday use, the systems help to ensure economically efficient workflows.

Commend is headquartered in Salzburg and employs about 200 staff at its head office, with about 500 people maintaining a global partner network under the Commend brand.

Looking for ..
  • co-operation partner
B2B Partner

Interested (smart) cities, architects, planners but also technological partners, OEMs and system integrators in the field of Smart City Solution, Transport & Infrastructure & Communication.

Business Fields

We provide intercom solutions for buildings, industry, maritime and transport & infrastructure. Our focus in regards to mobility are airports, car parking, public transport, cities & smart cities, highway and toll stations, tunnels and port & waterways.

Products, Services

The Commend product portfolio covers every Intercom need, from door intercom systems to complex integrated solutions. Commend‘s building-block design concept ensures that all of the various security systems like CCTV, Access Control, Mobile Radio etc. combine to form a single, easy-to-use-and-manage platform.

In the mobility domain more and more people are crowding the cities, and their need to feel safe is growing daily. Commend communication and security solutions for (smart) city centers bridge the gap between the public and security personnel. Highly efficient voice, video and control links maintain a reliable connection between on-street Information and Emergency Call Stations and the Control Desk.

New products to be highlighted:

  • Communication, information, control, interaction – all in one place, with easy central management via im6 – the world’s first multi-purpose Intercom Module.

With our Digital Smart Assistant, you can solve your calls by not even responding to them in person. Our Digital Assistant has an automated routine task set up for Frequently Asked Questions, can guide your customer to find the way, support in emergency situations and works with key word detection & handsfree interaction for your daily operations. And all that in the native language of your customer.

  • Glasgow City Council, Scottland, UK
  • Vienna International Airport (VIE), Vienna, Austria: Car Park Communication
  • İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi A.Ş., operator of Istanbul, Airport
  • Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A., Italiy
  • The City of Calgary; Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Comprehensive City-wide Security and Communication Installation
City of Berne Civil Engineering Department: City center communication and access control solution
Further information
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DELTABLOC International GmbH

Industriestrasse 28, 2601 Sollenau, Austria  

Mr. Peter Rossegg
T +43 660 887 8287
E peter.rossegg@deltabloc.com
W deltabloc.com

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DELTABLOC®is the leading developer of concrete and steel vehicle restraint systems and of modern noise protection systems. The company is the international expert for passive road safety and has several subsidiaries in Europe and South Africa, licence partners worldwide and its restraint systems are installed in over 45 countries. In addition to the area of permanent safety barriers, DELTABLOC® also rents out temporary safety barriers for short-term construction site protection and sells modern noise barrier systems under the PHONOBLOC® brand.

DELTABLOC® - Home of Road Safety.

Looking for ..
  • licensee

DELTABLOC® is looking for Licence Partners globally. We are constantly expanding our business activities and are therefore interested in Licence Partners who want to expand their portfolio with concrete safety barriers. We are the top licensor of our industry and look for partners who process road safety projects. Together we are DELTABLOC®

DELTABLOC® is offering project related cooperations for production and installation of road safety barriers.

We offer project related cooperation agreements for road safety projects. Our project partners will produce concrete safety barriers in their local production facilities. We fully support with our know-how and services. The project partner produces and sells locally and therefore has the full value add in his region.
B2B Partner

Licence Partners globally

Further information

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Dewesoft GmbH

Grazerstraße 7, 8062 Kumberg, Austria  

Mr. Herbert Wernigg
T +43 676 700 2020
E sales@dewesoft.com
W http://www.dewesoft.com

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Providing customers the ultimate measurement experience in close collaboration

Dewesoft develops and produces modular and extendable measurement instruments which are suitable for the harshest environments. These instruments measure a wide variety of parameters such as voltage, current, strain, torque, pressure, rotational velocity and angle, vibration, sound, video, GPS and IMU everything perfectly synchronized. Our award-winning software processes this data with an easy to use and flexible user interface, ensuring ultra-fast storing, data exportation and post processing capabilities.

Looking for ..
  • distribution partner
  • local representative
  • co-operation partner
  • end-consumer
  • Offer service and know-how

At Dewesoft we are always looking for new and exciting avenues to explore. We prove high-end data acquisition systems and world-class support, from the planning phase right up to the acquisition stage - and beyond. In cooperation with our business partners, near and far, we strive to find perfect synergies that drive forward common goals and ensure the best quality for your customers.

Dewesoft develops and produces modular and expandable precision measurement instruments that are suitable for the harshest environments and the most daunting measurement tasks. Our high-end power and power quality analyzers can acquire data at the unbelievable rate of 15 MS/s and with a bandwidth of 5 MHz. These devices are perfect for the most demanding measurement challenges, but they are also easy to use and suited for everyday measurements.

Dewesoft has a wide application range within the mobility sector and we are always working to increase and improve our application range further. Current application areas include ADAS, brake testing, brake noise testing, combustion analysis, battery electric vehicle (BEV) and hybrid vehicle (PHEV) testing, harsh environment (summer/winter testing), road load data/durability, and vehicle dynamics testing.

Our vehicle sound analysis includes pass-by noise, sound intensity, sound power, sound quality, octave band analysis, and reverberation time RT60. Vehicle vibration can be analyzed with order tracking analysis, octave analysis, rotor balancing, rotational and torsional vibrations, and for optimum passenger and driver comfort Human Body Vibration Analysis.

Our award-winning software processes this data with an easy to use and flexible user interface, ensuring ultra-fast storing, data exportation, and post-processing capabilities. All signals are measured perfectly synchronized, making analysis faster and easier than ever.

Further information

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DigiTrans GmbH

Hamerlingstraße 42, 4020 Linz, Austria  

Mr. Michael Ehrenbrandtner
T +43 664 537 6651
E michael.ehrenbrandtner@digitrans.expert
W https://www.digitrans.expert

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Our mission is to find the best answers to make the future of autonomous transport a reality.

Digitrans provides know-how and test infrastructure and accompanies the testing, validation, research and implementation of autonomous commercial vehicles and their various applications. We are thus helping to shape the future of autonomous transport sustainably. Our focus is on automated and autonomous vehicles and driving functions as well as driverless mobility and transport systems in the field of municipal services, logistics and heavy traffic.

We are a small but smart team of experts sharing the vision and enthusiasm for a better and sustainable future of autonomous traffic and transport.Together with our national and international partners, we provide know-how and test infrastructure and work on several Use-Cases and Deployments for modern transport systems.

Our possible Use-Cases are: Platooning, Hub-to-Hub transport, Last Mile Delivery, autonomous working maschines, automated cargo handling and communal applications. Highlights are the automated Hub-to-Hub Project with two big logistic companies in Upper Austria. The Project has been selected for Grant Agreement Preparation phase of H2020. We are also working on a Platooning project called “Aeroptimizer”. With the “Aeroptimizer” we are developing an evaluation method for determining the optimal arrangement of different vehicles in mixed Platoons. In this way, CO2 emissions can be reduced and a fuel reduction of 4 to 5 percent can be achieved.

More information: https://www.digitrans.expert/en/deployment/

Our office is located in Linz and our Proving Ground is located 30km away in St. Valentin.
We will expand the existing Proving Ground with important ODD Elements and the necessary digital infrastructure (C-ITS / 5G) by 2021. Then the Proving Ground will be specially designed for developers and users who want to test driving functions in autonomous vehicles and commercial vehicles. The focus is on testing a wide variety of traffic and logistics scenarios in poor weather and tough road conditions. The highlight will be the first Outdoor rain-simulation system with different drop sizes.

More information: https://www.digitrans.expert/en/test-track/

We are also develop field test tracks for autonomous driving on public roads. For example in the port area of Enns, at Linz Airport and on lower priority roads and motorways around the city of Linz in Austria.

More information: https://www.digitrans.expert/en/field-test-tracks/

Looking for ..
  • Offer service and know-how
  • Provision of an autonomous truck or installation of the necessary autonomous vehicle technology in already existing trucks for testing platooning project on publicroads and test fields.
  • Companies in the field of Sense, Plan and act who need to test their technology on Proving Grounds and public test field tracks and need special test know-how and consultancy
  • Companies who wants to join as project partner for our deployment Use Cases in the fields of: Platooning, Hub-to-Hub transport, Last Mile Delivery, autonomous working maschines, automated cargo handling and communal applications.
Business Fields
  • Rental of out Proving Ground and several testservices
  • Devoloping and rental of field test tracks on public roads
  • Deplyoment of autonomous transport Systems
Products, Services
  • Verification and edge case analyzes for autonomous vehicles
  • Safety driver training for autonomous vehicles (from 2021)
  • Development of intelligent test infrastructure and test know-how for autonomous driving
  • Testing autonomous vehicles under bad weather and road conditions
  • Testing of HMI interfaces and acceptance of autonomous vehicle technologies
  • Research and implementation of sustainable autonomous transport systems
Further information

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dotspot.IT Service GmbH

Hochstraße 47, 2380 Perchtoldsdorf, Austria

Mr. Mario Dobnig
T +43 1 99 69 286
E office@dotspot.at
W www.dotspot.at

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Setting the standard in digitalizing vehicle fleet cleaning

dotspot.IT´s software DC.Transport is the app for cleanliness on buses and trains. It is the specialist industry solution for planning, recording, monitoring, billing and analysis of all cleaning services on the entire fleet.
dotspot.IT supports the clients from an initial idea to the successful launch of tailor-made software. Our solutions are intuitive, technically state-of-the-art, easy to maintain safe and economical to operate.

Looking for ..
  • distribution partner
  • co-operation partner
  • end-consumer
Business Fields

software, digitalization of cleaning processes from planning to billing

Products, Services

DC.Transport is a software with individually adaptable analysis tools that enable weaknesses in the cleaning process to be highlighted so that procedures can be optimised. The analysis tool generates measurable added value from a company’s data and helps to continually improve cleaning processes. All processes are logged and transparent. All the data is analysed in real time by the comprehensive analysis tool.


DC.Transport was developed with Vienna’s public transport operator, Wiener Linien, and undergoes constant improvement. The software has been successfully operated here since 2013 and has meanwhile also been established at DB Regio Munich.

Further information

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Energie Direct Mineralölhandelsgesmbh

Alte Poststraße 400, 8055 Graz, Austria

Mrs. Bettina Birkfellner
T +43 2742 70 500 4514
W www.energiedirect.at

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Energie Direct - All about heat & mobility from one source!

For more than 40 years we have been reliably supplying the general with high-quality heating oil and diesel in Austria. Our own fleet of tank trucks is always close. This not only ensures the greatest possible security of supply for the annual requirements, but also guarantees the shortest routes and quick delivery of heating oil and fuels through our locations throughout Austria.

Looking for ..
  • end-consumer
  • Offer service and know-how
heating oil, fuels, lubricants, natural gas, fuel card

As a certified Shell brand partner, we focus on the highest safety and quality of our products, which also meet the strict requirements of health and environmental protection. For example, we are pleased to be able to regularly offer you particularly innovative, economical and sustainable heating oil products and fuels from Shell.

We supply private households, agricultural businesses, trade and industry with heating oil, diesel, lubricants and natural gas and are competent advisors for energy issues. We rely on the best service and competence - in all areas.

With favorable tariffs for every requirement, everyone is in good hands with us as your natural gas supplier. Our competent natural gas team provides individual advice on all aspects of your delivery conditions and handles all processes.

As a climate-neutral energy provider, we place great value on sustainable products, the highest safety and quality standards and an efficient storage and supply structure. We offer climate-neutral heating oil Eco and natural gas. This compensates for the CO2 emissions that occur when burning heating oil or natural gas.

Our contact persons are available daily and are always happy to help you! We look forward to being allowed to advise you!

Further information

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Enerox GmbH

IZ Noe-Sued, Straße 3, Objekt M36, 2355 Wiener Neudorf, Austria  

Mr. Alexander Schönfeldt
T +43 2236 3790 00121
E alexander.schoenfeldt@cellcube.com
W www.cellcube.com

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Enerox is your partner for sustainable energy storage infrastructures by supporting our customers from initial contact to the realized project and beyond.

We offer a wide range of services starting at first solution designs with fit-for-purpose-analyses, modelling and simulation, leading into a final turnkey solution with containerized energy storage systems, power conversion systems and additional MV equipment, followed by lifetime operation & maintenance services with attractive maintenance packages, 24/7 monitoring and bankable performance guarantees.

We take for granted to assist our customers in every phase of a project.

Enerox is one of the world’s first and largest researchers, developers, manufacturers and distributors of vanadium redox flow batteries. We are an industry leader in the energy storage sector headquartered in Wiener Neudorf, Austria.

By having done more than 100 installations worldwide, we can refer to substantial experience in the industry. The technology has proven to deliver long lasting energy storage and infrastructure for deployment in a wide range of applications including: Renewable baseload, renewable energy integration, peaker plant solutions, reserve capacity and balancing market solutions, EV charging backbone, micro grid and off grid storage or for several use cases at industrial plants and many more.

We put more than 15 years of research and development into the CellCube to provide our customers with a top-notch energy storage system. Our Vanadium-based technology is known to be state-of-the-art in the battery market. Speaking of which: By having done more than 50% of all global Vanadium Redox-Flow energy storage system installations we are leading in the commercialization of sustainable storage solutions proven in cooperation with famous institutes and universities based in Germany and Canada. From our own key components production of power cell stacks to a high-quality end product called CellCube up to the perfect fitting dimensioning of power conversion systems, Enerox will be your partner for your turnkey projects.

Customers all over the world have been successfully operating the CellCube for 10 years and above. Plus, the performance of the CellCube is still increasing every day due to our own research facility. For more than 5 years now, the new power cell stacks have been running a continuous test with undisturbed operation meanwhile reaching over 20,000 cycles, which is equivalent to 28 years of daily cycling.

Looking for ..
  • end-consumer
B2B Partner

Customers within the EMEA region, Sales Partners for advanced technology products all over the world

Business Fields

The CellCube products are designed to commercially fit best for energy centric long-duration use cases in three areas. First of all it is best placed for DER & Microgrid applications when a mix of power, energy and grid-related capabilities such as own consumption optimizations, (temporary) off-grid or UPS is needed.

Secondly can participate in the Reserve- & Capacity Markets, specifically if and when more than 2 cycles are needed for peaking solutions or merchant markets.

And thirdly it is the perfect solution for Large Renewable Co-Location & Integration of Renewable Energy Sources right up to Renewable Baseload.

Products, Services
    Fit for Purpose Analysis
    Modelling & System Simulation
    Integrating Renewables & Power Systems
    Research & Development / Customized Solutions
    Containerized DC/AC Energy Storage System – PCS selection optional
    Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) – EMS optional
    Standardized communication interfaces
    Installation, Integration and commissioning services
    Balance of Plant (optional)
    Basic System Maintenance
    Extended System Warranty
    Monitoring & Lifetime Services
    Performance Guarantees

By having done more than 130 installations worldwide, we are happy to count industry leaders like EON, EVN, Engie, Terna, VW and many more among our customers.

Further information

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Biberstraße 22, 1010 Vienna, Austria  

Mr. Peter Arnold
T +43 670 607 2901
E peter.arnold@enterango.com
W www.enterango.com

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All-in-one business travel search engine & booking tool, that saves 70% of time

For business travellers who need to organize their business trips themselves, EnterAnGo is an All-in-One travel search engine, booking and travel management tool, that saves you up to 70% of travel preparation and management time. Unlike existing solutions, our AI search engine plans your entire trip from door to door including hotels & CO2
emissions with a single search.

Looking for ..
  • Offer service and know-how

Looking for innovative individuals who travel for business (when there is no global pandemic) and want to join our Exclusive Early Adopter program.

Further information

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Galler Consulting / MRM International

Annagasse 3A/8, 1010 Vienna, Austria  

Mr. Mario Galler
T +43 676 422 4717
E m.galler@chello.at | mg@mrmintl.com
W www.mrmintl.com

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Urban Transportation with a difference - our future solution due to the proven Green technology and sustainability, people will be quicker and safer transported to their destination and its ready to be implemented.

We are a Technology Company that is specialized on Urban Mobility we have created a software Technology (patent) that is adaptable to public transit, airports, corporate and college campuses, freight, refuse, and theme parks; also an international ticketing patent and a proprietary planning software and system simulator, TrakEdit. These achievements show commercial readiness of the technology and the commercialization program will establish the technology maturity and a prelude to multiple commercial projects.

We have Proven Technology:

  • Third party verification of control system technology
  • Completed successful control system verification
  • Completed full size operating Skyweb Express prototype
  • Completed full size operating half mile test track with thousands of hours of testing
Looking for ..
  • co-operation partner
  • end-consumer
  • licensee
  • Joint Venture Partner

We are looking for Visionary Investors to be part of the transformation of mass transportation to move people or freight. An investment in the future of transportation.  Our developed operating software and the system specifications resulted in a fully automated mass transit system. Galler Consulting/MRMIntl has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a US city to deploy a commercial demonstration leading to the deployment of a 20 mile public mass transit system. The project will address the current problems with current public transit systems.

B2B Partner
Visionary Investors
Business Fields
Smart Cities, Urban mobility
Further information

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Gebauer und Griller Metallwerk GmbH

Auwiesenstrasse 2, 4030 Linz, Austria  

Mr. Harald Lackner
T +43 664 8853 8891
E h.lackner@gg-group.com

Mr. Thomas Klinger
T +43 664 824 9832

W www.gg-group.com/

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Our mission is to ensure the interactions of the world for the people who live in it.
By providing wires for energy and data transmission, GG deals with two of the most precious commodities in our present and future: energy and information. GG is the linking piece that ties the world together. Every day, millions of people are in contact with products innovated by us. We are the ones that facilitate communication enabling all forms of interchange and providing innovative solutions for energy and data transmission in the automotive and industrial sector.

Gebauer and Griller Metallwerk GmbH has been founded 1946 in Linz. We are a leading manufacturer of wires for the automotive industry as well as for special industrial applications, producing winding wires for transformers and the motor industry as well as Nickel based alloys for different industries.
Insulated round and flat wires made of copper and aluminum are used for large electronic machinery. Our winding wires for stator or rotor windings in generators such as electric engines or for windings in transformers are produced according to our customers’ specifications and international standards. Furthermore, we produce flat copper wires with polyamide insulation used as bus bars in electric cars.
Our products are distinguished by the lowest tolerances and specifically defined mechanical features, which gives them the best processing characteristics for our customers.
With our production on state-of-the-art systems, exclusive procurement from long-time insulation material suppliers, and vast expertise in wire production, we can guarantee product quality that renowned customers rely on world­wide.

Electric power units for vehicles call for extreme stringent winding materials due to their requirements. Due to our specialization on the production of insulated flat copper wires, we were able to design products that meet exactly these requirements. In particular, customer specific wire geometries, special insulation materials and highest possible electric voltage resistance are particular features of our certified products. In addition to flat enamel wires with enhanced features, we were able to design round and flat wires with extruded insulation materials made of high performing polymers.

Looking for ..
  • distribution partner in Asia + USA
  • end-consumer
B2B Partner
  • OEM and Tier-1 (Tier-2) automotive companies manufacturing electric engines for electric cars and hybrid cars
  • OEM and Tier-1 (Tier-2) automotive companies manufacturing form-stable (rigid) bus bars for electric cars and hybrid cars
  • Manufacturers of traction motors
  • Sales partners in Asia and in the Americas, especially for the automotive applications
Business Fields
  • automotive industry
  • Manufacturer of traction motors and electrical machines
Products, Services
  • Insulated flat copper wires used for hairpin applications and for winding wire applications in electric motors
  • Insulated flat copper wires used as form stable (rigid) bus bars in electric cars
  • Typical insulation materials are for example enamel, mica, PEEK, polyamide, polyimide, etc.
  • We hold several nomination agreements from highly reputed automotive OEM’s
  • We offer certified state-of-the-art production lines for manufacturing automotive wires
  • We are the largest European flat wire supplier for the wind energy
  • We are the key partner of the largest European producers of wind generators
Further information

See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

Getzner Werkstoffe

Herrenau 5, 6706 Bürs, Austria 

Mr. Thomas Dorfner
T +43 664 286 9165
E thomas.dorfner@getzner.com
W www.getzner.com

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Advanced polyurethane materials for protection against vibrations and noise

Getzner Werkstoffe is the leading specialist in the field of vibration isolation and protection. Its solutions are based on the products Sylomer®, Sylodyn®, Sylodamp® and Isotop®, all of which were developed and manufactured at Getzner's own facility. They are used in the rail, construction and industry sectors to reduce vibrations and noise, improve the service life of bedded components and minimise the need for maintenance and repairs on tracks, vehicles, structures and machines.

Getzner not only has extensive experience on the market with respect to the manufacturing of elastic materials and their use since 1969, it is also very familiar with all the services associated with vibration protection solutions.
Looking for ..
  • distribution partner
  • local representative
  • co-operation partner
  • Offer service and know-how

Looking for

  • Systems / Moduls (Tier 1)
  • Public transport provider / operators
  • Private transport provider / operators
  • Mobility optimization solutions
  • Traffic infrastructure solutions (road, rail, tunnel, bridge, charging infrastructure, displays & boards, noise & emission protection ...)
  • Traffic infrastructure construction (road, rail, tunnel, bridge, charging infrastructure, displays & boards, noise & emission protection ...)
  • General contractor
  • Subcontractor
  • Commercial agent
  • Re-Seller/Wholesaler
Business Fields

The economic solutions provide highly effective vibration protection for all areas:

  • Rail (high speed, heavy freight, local transit)
  • Urban transport (light railways, trams and underground lines)
  • Traffic infrastructure construction rail
  • Traffic infrastructure construction tunnel
  • Traffic infrastructure construction bridge
  • Traffic infrastructure construction maintenanceNew materials
Products, Services

Getzner’s solutions for the railway sector:

Getzner works closely with a global network of partners, which includes engineering consultancies, construction companies, testing institutes and universities, to offer a wide range of services.

  • Calculation and efficiency forecasts
  • Material and system testing
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Designing installation plans
  • Briefings on the construction site
  • Installation on the construction site
  • Acceptance at the construction site
  • Comparative measurements
  • Partner network
  • Additional services (life cycle costs analyses, after sales services, global customer support/presence, training for customers and sales partners)
Further information

See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

Graf Carello GmbH

Nestelbach 77, 8262 Ilz, Austria 

Mrs. Carina Frühwirth
T +43 3385 8282-0
E  carina.fruehwirth@graf-carello.com
W www.graf-carello.com | www.carello-transporter.com

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We offer driving license-free electric vehicles for handicapped people as well as electric transporters for communities and companies.

Graf Carello stands for sophisticated e-mobility for more than 46 years.
With our electric vehicles, we offer solutions for two areas:

  1. For people with restricted mobility or elderly people, we offer driving license- and registration-free electric vehicles, designed for there needs. Hereby it is possible to remain independent until old age.
  2. Our electric-transporters offer advanced solutions in areas such as green space maintenance, transportation of goods, in-house transport, tourism facilities, in communities, and much more.
    Advanced technology, environmentally friendly and emission-free, with a wide variety of equipment.
Looking for ..
  • end-consumer

We are looking for qualified dealers for our electric vehicles.
On the one hand dealers for the sector of the electric transporters/commericial vehicles (B2B). And on the other hand dealers for the electric vehicles for elderly people (B2C).

For both target groups we are looking for dealers all over Europe. (And especially in the DACH-region.)

  • B2B -Electrotransporters

With our small electro-vans we meet various businesses, companies, municipalities, tourism companies, caterings and much more. Our commercial vehicles with the various equipments can for example be used for:
green space maintenance, goods transport, catering, passenger transport, in-house transportation and so on.
The electrotransporters can be equipped with a tipper, a flatbed, a box body, a water tank, a leaf blower and much more.

We are looking for dealers who can build up a customer base independently – but with our support, of course. 

  • B2C – electro vehicles for elderly people

With our driving license- and registration-free electric vehicles we address the target group of senior citizens and people with restricted mobility. All of our vehicles can be operated with just one hand. There are single-seaters and two-seaters with and without a cabin. This enables the peoples to stay mobile up until high age.

We are looking for dealers who are good at dealing with old people and who can build up a customer base independently (with our support).

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue


    Wachaustraße 61, 3382 Loosdorf, Austria 

    Mrs. Renate Batsch-Rosum
    T +43 664 825 4286
    r.batsch-rosum@batsch.at | office@dynaweigh.com
    W http://www.dynaweigh.com/

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    Dynamic weighing with high accuracy
    Increase of traffic Safety – reduction of accidents
    Avoidance of traffic jam (traffic flow)
    Extending the durability of the road covering
    Reduce of CO2 emission

    1970 Hans Batsch – established his scale-business. All about Service and the authorisation for calibration made him to a big player in the scale-market.

    Since 1983, Batsch Waagen Gesmbh also provided software solutions for customized networking of weighing and logistics processes in manufacturing plants. After installation of several thousand calibrated weighing bridge systems, and over 40 years of experience, a new challenge was embraced: Hans Batsch (Dynaweigh HHB Batsch GmbH) and his team developed the und HHB02 scale = dynamic detection of overloaded trucks. Weighing is done while the truck is in motion. Measured values (total weight and axle-load also licence plate recognition) are transmitted electronical in real time to the data processing.

    The patented, calibrated, automatic dynamic road truck scale dynamically inspects overloaded vehicles, with automatic selection and classification for all cargo-carrying motor vehicles, including tractors with trailers, semi-trailer rigs, and vehicles with liquid cargo.

    Currently there is no competition at our technical level.

    Looking for ..
    • licensee
    B2B Partner
    Partner for Cooperation – Licencee – Partner Joint venture
    Business Fields
    Dynamic Weighing – Weighing in Motion
    Products, Services
    Patented, calibrated, automatic dynamic road truck scale (axle load scale) dynamically inspects overloaded vehicles, with automatic selection and classification for all cargo-carrying motor vehicles
    ReferencesBoth scales were 2018 installed at the traffic control station on the northern highway in Schrick, Austria, and long-term operation has been satisfactory
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    INTERMAPS Software GmbH

    Schönbrunner Strasse 80/6, 1050 Vienna, Austria 

    Mr. Marcel Rönisch
    T +43 1 581 29 25 33
    W https://intermaps.com/

    Mr. Christian Vonach
    T +43 676 8413 4328
    W https://intermaps.com/

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Mr. Marcel Rönisch exhibitor click here
    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Mr. Christian Vonach exhibitor click here

    INTERMAPS® is a media and software company serving tourism and travel industries.

    We’re specialized in the development of in-browser media and native apps and we’ve been creating interactive online applications since 1996. Diligently, we’ve become experts at combining databases and real-time and editorial data sources into personalized map overlays, websites and mobile device applications. However, don’t let our age fool you. We’re still a young, dynamic and international team, with employees from 8 countries and offices in Austria and Switzerland.

    Looking for ..
    • distribution partner
    • co-operation partner
    • end-consumer
    • Offer service and know-how

    We’re looking for clients in the field of parking, therefore we’re highly interested to present our product “Mobility Analyzer – Parking Management” to customers such as municipalities, airports, car park operators and similar companies, likewise companies who provide such services to above mentioned clients/users.
    The Mobility Analyzer for Parking Management imports LIVE data from our partners (from image recognition or other acquisition systems) and offers intelligent software that guarantees the processing, visualization of this data on various media and the transmission to defined data recipients.
    We bring our many years of experience in the field of data management to this process to provide a clear and professional visualization of the LIVE data. Statistics, filter options, weather data and other evaluations are visualized via an interactive dashboard based on customer requirements to have an overview of current movements at the defined location. Historical analysis is available as well.
    The enriched data can be used to guide customers with special LIVE visualizations on the smartphone or with onsite info screens. In addition, the data can also be output as a data API.
    We provide you with the knowledge you need about workload, occupancy, availability, movement or capacity ... of your location!

    Products, Services
    Reporting & monitoring dashboards, web-based customer visualizations, Data-API, customer-based enterprise solutions

    Parking Management

    • Recognition of standing and moving objects (GDPR-compliant)
      o Individual parking spaces
      o Defined zones
      o Register entries & exits
    • Display of live & historic data
    • Duration of stay
    • Occupancy/workload analysis over time
    • Visualization of parking space
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    ISTmobil GmbH

    Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße 110, 8010 Graz, Austria 

    Mr. Thomas Sager
    T +43 660 85 86 193
    W http://www.istmobil.at/

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    Affordable Mobility for everyone.

    ISTmobil offers a revolutionary On-Demand mobility solution for suburban areas and enables a cheap way being mobile without an own car. ISTmobil closes gaps in existing public transport systems. Using the specially developed software ISTdis®, rides are routed intelligent, considering economical and ecological criteria. ISTmobil is part of existing public transport systems, since the software automatically includes public transport systems in each ride booking in real time. This makes the On-Demand mobility solution, offered by ISTmobil, unique. ISTmobil is the future of public transport.

    Looking for ..
    • end-consumer
    B2B Partner
    • end customers (local communities, districts, regions)
    • customers, looking for fleetmanagement
    Business Fields
    • Software Developement
    • Plannung On-Demand Mobility Solutions
    Products, Services
    • ISTmobil On-Demand Mobility Solution
    • ISTdis® Software
    • „All In“ Service: Planning, Operating
    • Bezirk Korneuburg ISTmobil (Operation)
    • Marchfeld mobil (Operation)
    • GUSTmobil (Operation)
    • GUSTmobil Graz (Operation)
    • SAM (Operation)
    • Nockmobil (License)
    • LAVanttal ISTmobil (Operation)
    • Region Chiemsee (succesfull planning)
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    JES Elektrotechnik GmbH

    Wiestal-Landesstraße 37, 5400 Hallein, Austria 

    Mr. Andreas Jaksch
    T +43 664 462 0618
    E Andreas.jaksch@tunnelsicherheit.at
    W www.tunnelsicherheit.at/en/

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    JES is a leading provider of environmental monitoring solution for tunnels.

    Since 1990 JES Elektrotechnik GmbH develops, installs and maintains systems to monitor air characteristics and lighting conditions in tunnels. Our systems are robust, durable and resistant against the corrosive atmosphere in a tunnel. They operate reliably and have a high accuracy in measurement. All systems fulfil the requirements of the EC guideline 2004/54/EC and the more precise national guidelines.

    Our range of products for tunnel covers systems for monitoring of

    • Toxic gases like CO,NO,NO2
    • Visibility
    • Air velocity, direction and temperature
    Luminance (access,threshold and interior zone)
    Looking for ..
    • end-consumer
    B2B Partner

    Looking for authorities, consultancies and Contractors responisble for the systems to monitor air characteristics and lighting conditions in tunnels.

    Business Fields

    Tunnel business, Environmental monitoring for car parks and road weather stations

    Products, Services

    JES Elektrotechnik GmbH develops, installs and maintains systems to monitor air characteristics and lighting conditions in tunnels.

    Our range of products for tunnel covers systems for monitoring of

    • Toxic gases like CO, NO, NO2 (extractive or in-situ)
    • Visibility (extractive or in-situ)
    • Air velocity, direction and temperature
    • Luminance (access, threshold and interior zone)
    • Illuminance

    JES is specialized for tunnel sensors and is market leader in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. JES products are installed in almost 90% of all Austrian tunnels.

    Please find a reference list on our webpage (www.tunnelsicherheit.at/en/references/)
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    Kapsch TrafficCom AG

    Am Europlatz 2,  1120 Vienna, Austria 

    Mrs. Silvia Kostalova
    T +43 664 628 1711
    E silvia.kostalova@kapsch.net
    W https://www.kapsch.net/

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    We make mobility solutions intelligent to enable users to arrive at their destination Comfortably, On time, Safely, and Efficiently.

    Kapsch TrafficCom is a globally renowned provider of transportation solutions for sustainable mobility. Our innovative solutions in the application fields of Tolling, Traffic Management, Demand Management and Mobility Services contribute to a healthy world without traffic congestion.

    We have brought projects to fruition in more than 50 countries around the globe. With our one-stop solutions, we cover the entire value chain of our customers, from components to design and implementation to operation of systems.
    As part of the Kapsch Group and headquartered in Vienna, Kapsch TrafficCom has subsidiaries and branches in more than 30 countries. It has been listed in the Prime Market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange since 2007 (ticker symbol: KTCG). Kapsch TrafficCom‘s about 5,100 employees generated revenues of EUR 731.2 million in financial year 2019/20.
    Looking for ..
    • distribution partner
    • co-operation partner
    • end-consumer
    • Offer service and know-how

    Public transport provider / operators, Mobile application provider, Mobile application solutions (parking, ticketing, payment, ...), Connectivity / data provider, Connectivity / data solutions (telematics, user-interface technologies, cybersecurity, ...), Mobility optimization solutions, Traffic control and traffic (flow) optimization solutions, Traffic infrastructure provider (road, rail, tunnel, bridge, charging infrastructure, displays & boards, noise & emission protection ...), Traffic infrastructure solutions (road, rail, tunnel, bridge, charging infrastructure, displays & boards, noise & emission protection ...), Traffic infrastructure construction (road, rail, tunnel, bridge, charging infrastructure, displays & boards, noise & emission protection ...), Fleet and leasing companies, General contractor, Aftersales Services, Commercial agent, Re-Seller/Wholesaler, Subcontractor

    Business Fields

    Automotive (car, bus, trucks, motorcycle,...), ITS - Intelligent transport systems, MaaS - Mobility as a ServiceFuture modes of transport (combined & connected vehicles), Traffic infrastructure construction tunnel, Traffic infrastructure construction roadT, raffic infrastructure construction bridge, Traffic infrastructure maintenance (displays & boards, traffic controll, security&safty, noise & emission protection ...), Others

    Products, Services

    Integrated Mobility Management is a blend of organizational and technology solutions that allow cities, highways agencies, and public transport authorities to address current and future congestion challenges. It incorporates 5 key elements that help to move from legacy and manual traffic management to smarter, more effective, more automated congestion controls that greatly improve the impact and the productivity of any traffic and mobility management operations.


    Kapsch TrafficCom Has implemented projects in more than 50 countries and has subsidiaries and branch offices in more than 30 countries. Our company is a pioneer in the Multi-Lane Free-Flow Tolling and Urban Access Schemes (Limited Access And Low Emission Zones) and has more than 30 years of experience in the area of Traffic Management.
    Our satisfied clients include cities in different countries as Spain (Madrid, Bilbao, Castellón, Huelva, La Coruña, Málaga, San Sebastián, Valladolid, Vitoria), Italy ( Bologna, Bolzano, Naples, Piacenza, Rome, Torino), Saudi-Arabia (Cities Of Jeddah, Makkah & Madinah), Latin America (Buenos Aires, Lima, Panama City, Quito), The United States (Chesapeake, Chicago, Dallas Area, Miami-Dade Expressway, Nittec (Ny), San Francisco, Us 75 Corridor).

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    K-Bus GmbH

    Industriegasse I/1, 7053 Hornstein, Austria 

    Mr. Matthias Mazuheli, MBA, MPA
    T +43 664 836 9843

    E mm@k-bus.at
    W www.k-bus.at

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    Sale of "clean" CO2 neutral buses

    We design buses for best reliable use, a result of our more than twenty years knowledge and experience in busdesign.

    The technical bases of our buses are partly built with basic components of the biggest global vehicle producers to fulfill the requests of our customers and for efficient and economic use.

    We also design chassis and systems also for other companies. Our rear axle design and floor design is optimized in accordance with necessity and requested seat arrangement and for handicap places.

    We present here our City LE 12,4, designed for best economic use (less weight).
    This electric battery bus received an Austrian State Award and has an economically design for a long life, with a stainless-steel structure.
    Looking for ..
    • distribution partner
    • local representative
    • end-consumer
    B2B Partner

    New bus entrepreneur and new customers

    Business Fields

    Construction of buses such as city buses, low floor buses and tour buses

    Products, Services

    You will find our products in different variations all over Europe:

    • Germany
    • Finland
    • France
    • Italy
    • Luxemburg
    • Austria
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • Slovenia

    This is a result of our customer-oriented thinking and quality.

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue


    Business Corner Urfahr, Leonfeldner Straße 2, 4040 Linz, Austria

    Mr. Gerhard Wimmer
    T +43 732 7090 22903
    W https://keba.com/en/emobility/emobility

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    „Technologies of KEBA help people to make the world of life and work easier.“
    For years, KEBA has stood for innovative automation in a variety of industries. We want to shift these sophisticated solutions even more in the service of people. Not just the benefits themselves, but rather the simple access, the convenient use take center stage.
    With the claim "Easy to use", our products are consistently focused on the needs of the user and thereby create the optimal connection to technical solutions.

    About KEBA Electric Mobility
    KEBA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent charging stations. With the KeContact P30, electric cars can be charged safely and reliably. Thanks to a variety of interfaces, networking is also possible, making the wall box a highly intelligent communication and control center. It can thus be easily integrated into smart homes and management systems and coupled with photovoltaic systems.

    About KEBA
    KEBA AG was founded in 1968 and is an internationally successful electronics company located in Linz, Austria, with subsidiaries across the globe. For more than 50 years, under the motto "Automation by innovation", KEBA has been developing and manufacturing innovative automation solutions of the highest quality for industrial, banking, service and energy automation.

    Looking for ..
    • distribution partner

    We are looking for Sales partner for our wallboxes all over europe with a focus on Spain, Italy and Uk within the next two years.

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    KISKA GmbH

    St. Leonharder Str. 4, 5081 Anif, Austria 

    Mr. Markus Wechselberger
    T +43 676 3112 139
    W http://www.kiska.com/

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    KISKA’s mission is to boost the value of your business with desirable brand experiences.

    KISKA boosts business by co-creating desirable brand experiences. An international brand and design agency, we inject performance into products and services. Strategic and hands-on, we combine creative disciplines to generate impact. Fast.
    Owner-operated since 1990, with offices in Austria, Germany, China, and the United States we build long-term partnerships with brands like adidas, KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles, Zeiss, UYN, and Yadea.
    Driven by innovation and speed, KISKA generates sustainable business value for the future. We call it Designing Desire, and it’s the promise we live up to every day.

    Looking for ..
    • offer service and know-how

    KISKA helps brands master the future of mobility.
    We seek out partnerships with start-ups and established brands, and have boosted business for KTM, CFMOTO, CHETAK, MAGURA, Audi, and more.
    A “double disruptor”, we work outside of the automotive industry establishment, and focus on designing experiences outside typical automotive paradigms. We see the future of mobility as a landscape of options, and our solutions are driven by new technology and the different needs of users worldwide.
    The result: innovative, purpose-built solutions, differentiated by brand.
    Check out KISKA’s work at www.kiska.com/work.

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    Kruch Railway Innovations
    GmbH & Co KG

    Pfarrgasse 87, 1230 Vienna, Austria 

    Mr. Ferran Rovira Garcia
    T +34 640 791 794

    E ferran.rovira@kruch.at
    W www.kruch.at/en/

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    Help the electric public transport worldwide to be more competitive, economic and ecological

    The company Kruch Railway Innovations GmbH & Co KG is an internationally operating business with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Kruch has expertise in two main fields:
    1. components for overhead contact lines which are specialised and life-cycle-cost optimised
    2. systems for digitalising overhead contact lines.
    These fields include trendsetting products such as: Simulation tools for the energy flow in contact lines, automatized checkpoints for trolley bus pantographs, cost- optimised cantilever systems, dropper clamps and feeder clamps for catenary systems.
    Looking for ..
    • distribution partner
    • local representative
    • co-operation partner
    • end-consumer
    • Offer service and know-how
    We are looking for end costumers, mainly public transport companies, authorities or engineering companies in the following business fields:
    Mobility 4.0, infrastructure, timetable operation, fleet management, energy purchase planning.
    The EFS – Energy Flow Simulation is used in more than 10 cities and has helped our customers to increase independency, increase the intern know how, gain speed in decision making, reduce energy consumption and optimize the infrastructure.
    B2B Partner

    end costumers, mainly public transport companies, authorities or engineering companies

    Business Fields

    Mobility 4.0, infrastructure, timetable operation, fleet management, energy purchase planning.

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    KSR Group / NIU

    Im Wirtschaftspark 15, 3494 Gedersdorf, Austria 

    Mr. Albert Backhausen
    T +43 664 8252 4231

    E albert.backhausen@ksr-group.com
    W https://ksr-group.com/en

    Mr. Nicolas Wandl
    W https://ksr-group.com/en

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Mr. Albert Backhausen exhibitor click here
    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Mr. Nicolas Wandl exhibitor click here

    NIU develops Hard- and Software solutions to revolutionize the way we move in future.

    NIU has revolutionized the scooter market. Europe’s most popular electric scooter features a Bosch motor and Panasonic lithium battery cells, alongside sophisticated features including smartphone app, cruise control and alarm system.

    KSR Group is the importer of NIU and is a European market leader in two-wheeled vehicles. KSR Group sell over 60,000 products each year, including scooters, motorcycles, quads and ATVs, and are an innovator in electric mobility. Furthermore, KSR Group develop and manufacture brands like Brixton Motorcycles, KSR Moto, Malaguti and Lambretta.
    Looking for ..
    • end-consumer
    B2B Partner

    Fleet Managers; communities/ companies looking for mobility solutions; Owners willing to offer sustainable mobility to employees; HR offering sustainable mobility for employer branding; partners in promoting green mobility

    Business Fields
    Import; distribution; After Sales Service
    Products, Services
    Electric Scooters with App (Sharing option)
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    Kuvag GmbH & Co KG

    Dragonerstrasse 2, 4720 Neumarkt im Hausruckkreis, Austria 

    Mr. Elie Bekai
    T +43 664 104 6267

    E Elie.bekai@kuvag.com

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    KUVAG is a technology leader focusing on custom-designed electrical insulation products. KUVAG concentrates on core competence areas transmission, distribution, and traffic engineering as well as industrial applications. Our products are manufactured for the use in a wide range of industries and applications like switchgear, transmission and distribution networks, cable accessories, transformers, high- speed trains, railway infrastructure, or medical equipment. As an independent group headquartered in Austria, four production sites in Europe and Asia, and a worldwide presence KUVAG is always close to our customers. In our ongoing drive for innovative products and solutions we rely on the expertise, the creativity, and the commitment of our 400 staff members.

    Looking for ..
    • distribution partner
    • local representative
    • co-operation partner
    • end-consumer
    B2B Partner

    B2b contacts; new business relations

    Business Fields

    Railway, Energy, industry

    Products, Services

    Medium-highvoltage insulators

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    Molinari Rail AG

    Mahlerstrasse 12, 1010 Vienna, Austria 

    Mr. Joachim Wagner
    T +43
    664 967 0890
    W https://www.molinari-rail.com/en

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    „A Passion for Transportation Solutions“

    Molinari Rail Group is a railway technology specialist with locations in Winterthur (CH), Vienna (A), Schwaz (A) and Dessau (D). The group has interdisciplinary expertise and delivers tailor-made mobility solutions to the global rail industry. Customers are supported in the design, development and manufacturing of vehicles or subsystems as well as in the approval, commissioning, maintenance and modernization. At a Glance:

    • Systems engineering
    • Implementation of transport systems
    • Manufacturing of components and subsystems
    • Over 25 years of experience
    More than 500 realized projects
    Looking for ..
    • Offer service and know-how
    Looking for new networks, businesses and opportunities
    Business Fields
    • Technology/Engineering/Development/consulting
    • construction/Manufacturing/modernisation/maintenance
    • transportation & infrastructure projects
    Products, Services
    We run an own (Mechanical and electrical) production site where also tailor-made works of all kinds are realised according to specific customer requests
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    MRT Information Management GmbH

    Lindenweg 4/6, 6263 Innsbruck, Austria 

    Mr. Patrick Winkler
    T +43
    676 8430 56200
    E patrick.winkler@mrtplm.com
    W https://www.mrtplm.com

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    MRT enables modern digital product development strategies in connecting teams, digitalizing processes and integrating PLM-Systems

    We support your teams with an innovative and proven approach - developed based on the latest research – to industrialize successful new business models and implied transformation.

    We integrate sustainable PLM system architectures – distributed and maintainable – to master the complexity and keep usage smart for the team.

    We change product development processes - in an agile approach – following the business targets.

    Our PLM Care® technology platform opens these possibilities even to SMEs and SPEs
    Looking for ..
    • Offer service and know-how
    We are offering out long-term experience in the mobility domain as service provider digitalizing processes. Our customers are IT-Departments having the challenge to enable agile models, Lean-IT to go for innovative product development processes.
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue


    Straßganger Straße 295, 8053 Graz, Austria 

    Mr. Harald Hopfgartner
    T +43
    699 1232 4018
    E harald.hopfgartner@nextsense-worldwide.com
    W https://www.nextsense-worldwide.com

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    Global leader in mobile and optical profile measurement

    With its unique CALIPRI® principle, NEXTSENSE is a world leader in mobile profile measurement & surface inspection, especially in the fields of wear measurement of railway industry, gap & flush measurement in the automotive industry and in the measurement of hot metal profiles. Its customers include all major railway companies, numerous well-known international automobile manufacturers & major steel producers, including Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, China Railways, Daimler, JLR, Audi, BMW, voestalpine and ArcelorMittal. NEXTSENSE was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the Austrian research company Joanneum Research. With 90 employees, more than 40 sales partners, sales & service center in Atlanta (US) and Shanghai (China), the high-tech company is represented all over the world with an export quota of 95%. Since May 2018 Nextsense is part of Hexagon AB, a leading global provider of information technologies.

    Looking for ..
    • end-consumer
    B2B Partner

    Direct customers in the business fields automotive manufacturing, railway maintenance and production of hot long rolled steel.

    Business Fields
    • automotive: highly precise gap, flush & radius measurement in car manufacturing
      In prototyping and serial production the symmetry of car bodies is evaluated by the optical measurement system calipri. Within seconds the gap and flush measurements are completed. NEXTSENSE offers both offline and inline solutions for audit stations and production lines. System-wide evaluation methods allow the detection of assembling process failures, thus optimizing the overall production process.
    • railway : Predictive maintenance for the railway industry
      The wear of rails, wheels and brake discs becomes predictable due to profile measurements done by the hand-held CALIPRI devices. In order to optimize maintenance cycles, parameters like wheel profile and diameter, the tire thickness and radial/axial runout are measured. Due to completely contact-free measurement and patented tilt correction the results are high-precise, operator-independent and reproducible.
    • Steel: Profile measurement and surface inspection for long steel products
      Continuous quality control and monitoring of individual production stages are the main reasons why the steel industry measures the profiles and surfaces of their products. The optical measurement systems of NEXTSENSE are able to measure profiles and inspect the surface of cold and hot long products, thereby assessing the dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Depending on the individual customer needs single or multiple measurement tasks can be performed by the mobile or stationary systems.
    Products, Services

    Stationary and mobile optical measurement solutions for precise and repeatable results Our non-contact measurement methods are based on laser light section technology. No matter who uses them, the information they gather will always be accurate – unaltered and free from fluctuations, assumptions or errors during data transfer. This is because our measurement devices not only carry out measurements, but also transfer the results directly to your database. You can rely on our systems, even when things are heating up – hot measurement objects, even at temperatures of over 1000 degrees, can be checked at any time during the production process.
    Products: Calipri C1X, Calipri C4X, Calipri CB20, Calipri Prime, Osiris, ATOn, Calirpi RCX


    Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, Alstom, Bombardier, China Railways, Daimler, JLR, Audi, BMW, voestalpine, ArcelorMittal, and many more

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue


    Wienerstraße 662, 3571 Gars am Kamp, Austria 

    Mr. Carlos Ardon
    T +43
    676 8726 2940
    E c.ardon@rebloc.com
    W www.rebloc.com

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    Our mission is to develop bar-raising state of the art safety barriers made of precast concrete elements, providing safety at its best for the worldwide roads.

    REBLOC Concrete Barriers

    REBLOC® develops, produces and markets worldwide modern precast concrete vehicle restraint systems to enhance traffic safety on roads. All products are extensively tested according to European Standard EN 1317 with real-life crash tests. Continuous research and innovations ensure that the barriers feature the latest technology and meet the most stringent safety specifications. With an extensive product range and more than 150 full-scale crash tests, REBLOC© is a leading expert on precast concrete barriers with a worldwide partner network. Numerous constructions sites all over the world have already been successfully realized.

    The range of products includes concrete safety barriers for permanent protection on the central reservation and verges of highways as well as on bridges and in tunnels. Temporary precast concrete barriers are available to provide best protection for roadworks. For long lasting noise control, combinations of vehicle restraint systems and noise barriers have been developed. In addition, REBLOC® offers a large number of special elements, which complement the systems and offer technically correct solutions also in difficult mounting conditions.

    REBLOC® Concrete Barriers cover a wide spectrum of applications, offering different containment levels, working widths, HEIGHTS, and lengths of elements. All elements are connected through the interlocking REBLOC® coupling without loose parts to form a strong chain. The high installation speed shortens construction time and reduces any traffic-restricting measures for on-coming vehicles to a minimum.
    Looking for ..
    • licensee
    B2B Partner

    License Partners worldwide for permanent exclusive engagement or on project basis

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    Starlim Spritzguss GmbH

    Mühlstraße 21, 4614 Marchtrenk, Austria 

    Mr. Werner Bundschuh
    T +43
    7243 58596-0
    E werner.bundschuh@starlim.com
    W https://www.starlim-sterner.com/

    Mr. Roland Haidinger
    T +43 7243 58596-0
    E roland.haidinger@starlim.com
    W https://www.starlim-sterner.com/

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Mr. Werner Bundschuh exhibitor click here
    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Mr. Roland Haidinger exhibitor click here

    Making high quality silicone products to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

    starlim silicone products are ubiquitous: they are in your car, in baby soothers, kitchen drawers, visible or not, to name but a few examples. starlim, the specialist for injection-molding produces small parts made from silicone using single or multi-material processes.

    We concentrate on mass production. As an internationalgroup, active in Austria, Canada, China, Italy, Germany we produce more than 14 billion silicone parts per annum. starlim is a contract manufacturer, B2B supplier for the mobility industry and the world's largest processor of liquid silicone rubber.
    Looking for ..
    • B2B Partners

    Looking for customers needing silicone parts and sealing concepts in the mobility field AND companies that want to create added value in the mobility industry with silicone parts.

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    Sunkid GmbH

    Industriezone 39, 6460 Imst, Austria 

    Mr. Georg Dobler
    T +43
    664 619 9313
    E georg.dobler@sunkidworld.com
    W www.sunkidworld.com

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    we move. you smile – Moving people and goods all the year round, outdoors and indoors!

    Sunkid is a leading provider of transport solutions and attractions for the entire family. The product range includes Moving Carpets, Surface Lifts, amusement rides, Mountain Coasters, playground equipment as well as a broad product range around fun in the snow. With more than 9,000 realised projects in more than 70 countries worldwide Sunkid represents the highest quality and reliable service. As the global market leader for person conveyors for outdoor use Sunkid offers a proven range of solutions for ski resorts, theme parks, water parks, museums,...
    Looking for ..
    • co-operation partner
    Sunkid is world market leader of people conveyors for outdoor use. Those Moving Carpets can cope with many challenges like rain, snow, dirt, and difficult terrains. Sunkid Moving Carpets are modular, easy to install, flexible and tested in more than 70 countries in the world in mountain resorts, municipalities, amusement parks, water parks and other tourist destinations.

    Beside that Sunkid is a provider of amusement rides, Mountain Coaster, themed and individualized playground equipment and many more.

    We are looking for partners that have knowledge in urban markets, tourist destinations and amusement facilities and help us to find customers and challenges for our innovative products.
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue


    Blattenwaldweg 8, 6112 Wattens, Austria 

    Mr. Richard Neumann
    T +
    43 5224 5877-45
    E richard.neumann@swarco.com
    W www.swarco.com

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    SWARCO improves quality of life by making the travel experience safer, quicker, more convenient and environmentally sound.

    The Austrian traffic technology corporation produces and provides a large range of products, systems, services, and turnkey solutions for road marking, urban and interurban traffic management, parking, and public transport. Cooperative systems, infrastructure-to-vehicle communication, e-mobility, and integrated software solutions for the Liveable City complement the group’s future-oriented portfolio.

    The family-owned SWARCO Group employs 3800 traffic experts and looks back to over 50 years of experience and innovation. It holds leading positions as the world’s largest manufacturer of LED traffic lights, the world’s no. 1 producer of highly energy-efficient LED variable message signs, the world’s no. 1 in the production of the full range of road marking systems, and Germany’s no. 1 in parking guidance systems for cities and businesses.

    SWARCO’s products, systems and solutions contribute to greater road safety and intelligent traffic management in 80 countries. In 2019, the Group generated revenues of 755.7 million euros.
    Looking for ..
    • co-operation partner
    B2B Partner

    B2B and B2C business partnerships

    Business Fields
    • Urban traffic control
    • Highway and tunnel management
    • Parking
    • Public transport
    Products, Services
    • LED traffic signals
    • Led variable message signs
    • traffic controllers
    • solutions for the vulnerable road users
    • mobility management platform software
    • Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)
    • Parking Guidance and Management
    • Public transport fleet management
    • connected and automated driving
    • retroreflective road marking systems
    ReferencesHundreds of business partners on all continents in 80 countries
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    TCM International Tool Consulting & Management GmbH

    Technologiepark 3, 8510 Stainz, Austria 

    Mr. Bijan Sabetizadeh
    T +
    43 664 966 6776
    E bsabetizade@tcm-international.com
    W http://www.tcm-international.com

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    We change ideas together with our customers
    From drill to hole
    From wear to grinding
    From cost centers to CPU contracting
    From tools to productivity
    From service provider to platform

    With almost 500 employees, TCM International as one of the largest international service companies in the manufacturing industry, is the core of the international TCM Group with its headquarters in Stainz and further branches in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, China and France.

    In the core area of tool management, TCM fulfils the most varied of service levels depending on customer requirements. This means the manufacturer-neutral supply of mechanical production with all tools from spindle to chip. The supply and maintenance of cutting tools in the manufacturing industry is one of the company's core competencies. A large network of partners as well as continuous research and development by the internal team of technical experts secure the company a leading position in the manufacturing industry. A close relationship to customer production is a guarantee for safety and quality. Many prestigious awards underline the company's innovative strength.

    In addition to the core business area of tool management, the portfolio of the TCM Group extends from tool trading, precision tool grinding, automation, tool management software “WinTool” and fully automated “Toolbase” output systems to the Tool Academy - worldwide training at TCM or in-house at the customer's.

    The TCM company portfolio is rounded off with our latest development, Master Data Management “Tooltracer”.

    Looking for ..
    • co-operation partner
    • end-consumer
    • license
    • Offer service and know-how
    B2B Partner
    Potential customers in the manufacturing industry
    Business Fields
    Consulting, Service, Production
    Products, Services
    TCM - Tool Management
    The technical demands on companies are increasing day by day. We at TCM International - Tool Consulting & Management support you by means of tool management to meet this challenge. By using the most powerful tools and technologies, TCM is a guarantee for the most efficient production options. That is what we mean by Cutting Edge Productivity - because this is where you earn your money - now and in the future.

    – Tool dispensing system
    Automated processes ensure tool availability and avoid expensive downtimes. The mature, ERP-compatible Toolbase® software ensures lean structures and efficient work processes. Toolbase® is the ideal tool for tools. Optimize your tool dispensing today with our tool management solutions. Electronic tool dispensing systems ensure more transparency in tool management and bring down your costs.

    – Tool management software
    With WinTool, the software for tool management, you simplify your manufacturing processes, reduce production costs and increase productivity. You benefit from shorter programming and set-up times, reduce the warehouse and the variety of tools and work with organized and integrated production documentation.

    - Master data management
    In terms of digitization, it is important to reinterpret many technological design options. The linking of individual areas and departments forms a strategic asset for process and service innovation, advances success and increases competitiveness.

    The existence of tool master data for all systems in a company - from purchasing to planning and programming to the workshop or CNC production - is the basis for efficient and value-added processes.

    TCM Systems is your competent partner for questions of automation and optimization of your systems and devices in the laboratory environment and in professional production environments.

    With more than 25 years of experience in automation and special machine construction, we design and construct a solution specially tailored to your company.
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    Viewpointsystem GmbH

    Franz-Josefs-Kai 47 / 3.OG, 1010 Vienna, Austria  

    Mrs. Renate Stiegler
    T +43 660 905 0502
    E r.stiegler@viewpointsystem.com
    W https://viewpointsystem.com/en/

    Mr. Jay Plata
    E j.plata@viewpointsystem.com
    W https://viewpointsystem.com/en/

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Mrs. Renate Stiegler exhibitor click here
    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with Mr. Jay Plata exhibitor click here

    We are opening completely new ways for interaction between people and machines.

    Vienna-based deep tech company Viewpointsystem combines the expertise of vision research with state-of-the-art technology development. Viewpointsystem is the market leader for eye tracking systems in commercial applications - from remote maintenance and live consulting by experts at other locations to efficient training and video documentation. The company has more than 70 clients in four verticals with a global footprint. Viewpointsystem’s products, the VPS 16 eye tracking system and the VPS 19 smart glasses, have both won a CES Innovation Honoree Award in the wearable technologies category.

    Looking for ..
    • end-consumer
    Your industry now has a new interpretation-free out of the box communication solution.

    Record who looks where when, what the traffic participants perceive and how they react to it. Then improve traffic safety and make it easier for people to find their way around. To ensure that everyone arrives safely and with a smile.

    Also consider improving your competitiveness through outstanding remote support via live streaming (video & voice) including the gaze point, a new level of employee training, etc. Shorten downtime, improve the standard of know-how transfer and reduce your carbon footprint and costs by avoiding unnecessary travel.

    • No further infrastructure is required
    • No additional costs
    • Short Return of Investment
    All you need is a highly precise system that functions under nearly all lighting conditions and can be worn comfortably without restrictions: Meet the VPS 19!
    B2B Partner
    customers, strategic partnerships and cooperations
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH

    Inffeldgasse 21a, 8010 Graz, Austria  

    Mr. Martin Aichholzer
    E marketing@v2c2.at
    W https://www.v2c2.at

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    VIVAVIS Österreich GmbH

    Perfektastraße 69, 1230 Vienna, Austria  

    Mr. Christian Konrad
    T +43 676 423 5841
    E christian.konrad@vivavis.com
    W https://www.vivavis.com

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    VIVAVIS shapes the future of digital infrastructures. With VIVAVIS we are driving forward digitisation and helping to master Big Data. Our technologies and services open up new, sustainable business areas for our customers.

    VIVAVIS bundles the competences and our portfolio around infrastructures and infrastructure-related IoT topics. VIVAVIS develops solutions that decode complex processes, translating them into intuitive applications. VIVAVIS is the professional partner for visionary companies facing the challenge of digitalization and networking of business processes. More than 10,000 customers from the energy and municipal sector as well as industry and facility management already already rely on the extensive expertise of our group of companies benefit from the greatest possible added value.

    VIVAVIS and its affiliates share the passion to develop solutions that are able to receive, qualify, monitor, control, process and exchange any kind of data for any kind of sector and function. We process asset data, geo-referenced details, security-critical data up to metered value data provided by meters, sub-metering or IoT infrastructures. Our solutions suit companies on the infrastructure, supply and disposal sector as well as commerce and industry, municipalities or the housing industry on national or international level.
    With more than 800 highly skilled employees working in the areas of development, sales, production, project planning and administration the group achieved a turnover of approx. 115 Million EUR in 2019.

    Looking for ..

    • Distribution partner
    • Co-operation partner
    • End-consumer

    VIVAVIS unique expertise and comprehensive service are:


    • More than 150 years of know-how from the VIVAVIS companies involved
    • Long-standing partnerships with utilities, industry, the housing industry and municipal companies


    • Hardware and software plus service and support from one source


    • Interoperable, modular and scalable
    • Cloud and mobile first
    • Advanced Analytics-ready

    Looking for

    • Visionary companies that face the challenges of digitization and the linking of business processes, VIVAVIS is a professional partner. More than 10,000 customers from the utilities and municipal sectors as well as industrial and commercial building management already rely on the cross-sector know-how of our group and benefit from the greatest possible value added.
    • VIVAVIS also works on innovative infrastructure projects in your region together with end customers and partners. VIVAVIS helps you or your customers to utilise energy and assets in the best possible way and enables new business areas to be opened up.

    Business Fields
    • Charging Infrastructures for Areas and Smart Districts / Smart Power Grids
      Full power for e-mobility in smart districts
    • 360° Asset Management
      Knowing what’s where…
    • Facility management
      Smart and efficient management of technical equipment and buildings
    • Energy Data Management
      Insight and Control with Energy Data Management
    • Industrial Load Management & Energy Management
      Sustainable energy management
    • IoT network and IoT platform
      Acquisition and central storage of IoT data
    References A selection of references from our national and international industry and utility customers:
    NKM (Hungary), EMS (Serbia), Electrica (Romania), ÖBB (Austria), VOEST (Austria), Stromnetze Hamburg (Germany), TEIAS (Turkey), GASKI (Turkey), Teheran Water (Iran), Águas do Noroeste (Portugal), ONEP (Kingdom of Morocco), DEWA (United Arab Emirates), Gas Connect Austria (Austria), Universität Stuttgart (Germany), Deutsche Bahn AG (Germany), Mercedes AG (Germany), Arcelor Mittal (Germany), BAYER AG (Germany), MERCK (Germany), VW (Germany), SOTECCO (Philippines)
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    Wieland Austria Ges.mbH.

    Fabriksstraße 2, 2551 Enzesfeld, Austria  

    Mr. Robert Kollouch
    T +43 664 810 8684
    E robert.kollouch@wieland.com
    W http://www.austroroll.com

    Request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    Austroroll® a brand of Wieland sets the international standard for point rollers

    Austroroll® - Innovation in Switch Point Construction
    For our customers, we have designed a maintenance-free switch point roller that sets itself apart due to its impressive robustness, simple assembly and high operational efficiency. It is the only permanent flexible switch point roller in the world and has a 5 years warranty. With the high quality of Austroroll we reduce downtime, increase track availability - and at the same time- lower maintenance costs for our customers.
    Austroroll is a brand of the global Wieland Group, a leading global supplier of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products

    Looking for ..
    • end-consumer

    As part of our ongoing internationalization campaign we are currently looking for interested Endcustomers, but also for potential sales partners in different markets.

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    xelectrix Power GmbH 

    PEM-Str. 2, 4310 Mauthausen, Austria  

    Mr. Shaun Montgomery
    T +43 676 84 787 0236
    E sm@xelectrix-power.com
    W www.xelectrix-power.com

    To request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    Leading the energy transition with intelligent high-voltage battery energy storage system technologies

    xelectrix Power is an Austrian company with a vision for leading the energy transition with intelligent high voltage BESS technologies. Under the motto DISCOVER NEW ENERGY: Energy, Optimization, Storage and Control xelectrix brings new innovations and concepts to both on- and off-Grid applications. These include in-house developed Inverter, network analysis module (NAM), BMS and EMS concepts that enable us to reach a wide range of customers such as those in construction industries, energy suppliers, network operators and especially e-mobility in order to address one of the most pressing issues of our time: ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. With a wide array of products ranging from wall mounted units to container sized units, both power and capacity requirements are fulfilled. With safety starting at LFP cell, module and complete unit levels, xelectrix Power will set new standards in BESS safety.

    Looking for ..
    • distribution partner
    • co-operation partner

    xelectrix Power products have a wide range of power (kW Inverter) and battery storage  configurations (kWh) to meet varying target group requirements.

    B2B Partner

    Strategic Key Accounts and Dealer

    Business Fields

    e-mobility, grid operators, renewable energy, construction industry, residential, agricultural, commercial industry, disaster management, energy trading, grid stabilization

    Products, Services

    With a wide range of products starting with wall mounted units to container sized units, both power and capacity requirements are fulfilled. xelectrix Power is specialized in ENERGY, OPTIMIZATION, STORAGE and CONTROL.

    • Pogusch Event with Allmobil
    • Solar & Business Park Herbert Gotthalmseder
    • W.E.B. Windenergie
    • Linz Netz / Research Cooperation / Grid Stabilization
    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue

    Youniqx Identity AG

    Tenschertstraße 7, 1239 Vienna, Austria  

    Mr. Franz Brudl
    T +43 699 1041 7504
    E brudl@staatsdruckerei.at
    W www.youniqx.com

    To request a virtual 1:1 meeting with this exhibitor click here

    Youniqx delivers highly secure digital identity and verification solutions.

    In keeping with the tradition of its parent company – the Austrian State Printing House – youniqx delivers highly secure identity solutions for the digital age. With its products, MICK and MIA, youniqx revolutionizes identity management.

    MICK allows companies and authorities to authenticate people remotely which enables smooth onboarding and registration processes (e.g. applied in carsharing or Driver’s License issuance).

    MIA digitises security documents like Driver’s Licenses on our smartphones, allowing citizens to rely on their mobile devices during a Driver’s License or identity control.

    Looking for ..
    • distribution partner
    • co-operation partner
    • end-consumer
    • licensee
    • Joint Venture Partner

    Regarding MICK, youniqx services banks, fintecs and mobility providers in their need for identity and or drivers license verification.
    Our solution caters as an automated system with skilled AI as well as a video call with an agent to all customer needs including but not limited to insurance rules and EU AML regulations.
    We are looking for customers who want to integrate an easy to use solution to digitally onboard new customers and have to fulfil various regulatory requirements and trusts an Austrian company with this important task.

    Regarding MIA, youniqx is looking for partner companies to help commercialise MIA during the presentation and implementation phase.

    Some pioneering governments around the world have already started their purchasing procedures to test and implement digital Driver’s Licenses. Therefore, youniqx is looking for partners who are willing to interact with the responsible authorities in their home country to present and nurture the concept of smartphone-based Driver’s Licenses.

    Once the acquisition phase is completed, our partner will take over implementation tasks. Depending on the partner’s technical capabilities, these tasks may include the provision of support services towards the client and the end-user, hosting und operation of the solution, integration of the solution with the client’s existing IT-infrastructure as well as the development of a tailor-made frontend application.

    Partners should be highly trustworthy, IT-skilled and ideally experienced in public sector projects.

    At the moment, MIA – My Identity App is live in three European countries.

    Further information

    See the International Mobility Day 2020 exhibitor catalogue


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